How to use Hashtags for getting more Engagement

Hashtags are used just about everywhere — they make regular appearances in our social media posts. They travel across platforms, and they can even carry the message of an entire marketing campaign for really savvy brands. But how to use hashtags for getting more engagement on social media posts ? And how does this affect the way that we use them for business?

These are some really interesting questions that I’ll try to answer inside this article.

how to use hashtags for more engagements

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How to use Hashtags on Twitter for getting more Engagement:

So let’s start with hashtags on Twitter:

Twitter is essentially the birthplace of hashtags, and it all started with this Tweet:

“How do you feel about using the pound sign for groups? As in (hashtag)BarCamp?”

This was the first time that a hashtag was used on Twitter, and the message sums up how.

Twitter hashtags for getting more Engagement:

Hashtags on twitter are still being used today — to GROUP together individual tweets that talk about a common topic. let us find conversations about stuff that we’re interested in, so we can join in. we can also voice our opinions or share an experience.

Brands can really easily use Twitter hashtags to engage in conversations about a certain topic. It can also create a new hashtag to promote an event — like #SMMW19 (social media marketing world).

hashtags on twitter

So what’s unique about Twitter for getting more Engagement?

it is that it’ll give you a minimal and a maximum text requirement on a single Tweet. But what you’re working with is limited space and that’s part of the glam of Twitter, is that it’s quick, it’s fast. It’s current and you’re not going to be stuck with these huge long posts like you would on Facebook.

Different ways to use hashtags on twitter:

Okay, so there’s a couple of different ways to use hashtags on Twitter for getting more engagement. The first thing you want to do is just have a story that’s worth sharing.

Secondly don’t use too many hashtags. I don’t use more than 2 to 3 hashtags on my Twitter. So I’m gonna show you my latest tweet in which I use 3 hashtags and then I tested it. It got 9k impressions in just two days.

hashtags on twitter

Hashtags create trending topics every single day:

                    Let’s suppose you have an upcoming event next week and you find #PSL2020 for that specific event. Then you can find everyone that’s commenting with those hashtags across Twitter.

You can use that hashtag for getting more engagements on your tweet. please keep in mind that your tweet must be relevant to the hashtag that you’re using.

Keep it nice and clean, there are some neat tips too if you want to find what’s trending on Twitter as far as hashtags. There’s a really cool software that paid version as well as a free version of it, it’s called HootSuite.

Do you know what is HootSuite?

Hootsuite is a software that manages your social media for you. It will manage your social media across so many platforms.  You can even track popular trending hashtags and people who’re tweeting about it.

Create hashtags that unify you in your community and create those that create communities, really two different kinds. And there’s also just fun hashtags you can throw in there like hashtag you know. Whatever you have but make sure that you’re in those communities you want to be affiliated with. So do your research first

Here’s a brief description of the points I covered above about using hashtags for getting more Engagement

  • Create a nice tweet that’s worth sharing
  • Don’t use more than 3 hashtags in your tweet
  • Use trending hashtags
  •  create hashtags that belong to an upcoming event
  • set your own hashtags and  communities

You know how to use hashtag on Twitter, now create a following, start creating a community online. And that there’s anything about Twitter that you want to know more about. Just drop in the comments below, and follow us on twitter Here.

How to use hashtags on Instagram for getting more Engagement:

Instagram is all about images, and each hashtag contains a visual feed of all the posts that share the same tag, whether it’s displayed in the image caption or down below in the “Comments” section.

People tend to go crazy with Instagram hashtags, which is what prompted Instagram to put a limit of 30 hashtags on each post. What this liberal use of hashtags on the platform tells us, is that they play a key role on Instagram for getting engagement. Actually, Instagram is almost POWERED by hashtags, making their role in business kind of multipurpose here.

hashtags on instagram

Instagram hashtags are one of the most misunderstood features on the platform.

And we’ve all seen those bad mistakes where they’re using #science and #love in hopes of getting found by a ton of people. But there’s a much better way to be strategic with hashtags for your business, and I’m gonna unpack all of that, coming up.

Hashtags are the secret sauce on Instagram:

But how many should you use?

Where should you use them?

Which ones should you use?

Now I am sharing  with you my super-secret recipe to not only get your content found more often but to actually get more followers and to get more sales. And stick around to the end because I’m gonna share with you how to use very specific hashtags that your audience is actually looking for to ensure you get found by the right people for your business.

How many hashtags you should use for getting more Engagement:

So when it comes to hashtags, You can use up to 30, and anything beyond that won’t show up in search. But your first 30 are free to use however you want.

But should you use 30,five or 10?

Personally I recommend using at least 15 to 20.

If you use the hashtags, there’s a chance you’re gonna get found. If you don’t, there’s no chance of getting found. So more is better in general.

Does that mean you should use all 30? Go for it. Use as many as you can use strategically and in relevance to your business. But I do recommend about 15 to 20 as the minimum. Some people think that’s a lot and it’s hard to come up with that many hashtags. You might be able to think of three or four off the top of your head, but how can you come up with 15 to 20 hashtags? That is where the super secret recipe comes into play.

How you can figure out popular hashtags:

You wanna combine a variety of hashtags. In order to figure out how popular a hashtag is, if you go into the search on Instagram, go to the magnifying glass, and start typing in a hashtag in the search results, it will tell you how many posts are associated with each of those hashtags. So you’re gonna wanna pick three to five popular hashtags. By popular, I define that as something in the low- to mid-hundreds of thousands, up to a million posts, for a specific hashtag.

how to use hashtags on instagram

Anything over a million basically becomes irrelevant to you because it’s so saturated with content that the only thing you’re going to attract are spambots. And we don’t want that. Then you’re gonna pick three to five moderately popular.

We provide you the best solution you are looking for:

         These are gonna be hashtags that fall in the kind of high tens of thousands into that mid-hundreds of thousands range. And then you’re gonna pick three to five niche-specific.

            These are super targeted specifically to your industry, what you do, the solution you provide, what your customer is looking for. And then you’re also going to include your one to two branded hashtags. That alone, you’re already up to 12 to 15 hashtags without even trying, so you can easily get to that 15 to 20.

The popular hashtags give you an initial burst of activity from non-followers

But within a matter of seconds, maybe into minutes, your content is gonna be buried in the archives of those popular hashtags. So moderately popular hashtags are gonna keep you active for hours into days. It keeps your content still getting activity and your audience is still liking it as they login to Instagram.

 Instagram looks at your content and goes, wow, your followers are liking it consistently. Non-followers are seeing it and liking it, you’ve figured this whole thing out. You’re creating great content that people really like.

How can you find your specific hashtag?

And then what happens is, in those niche-specific hashtags, those very super-targeted topics that you chose. You start ranking as a top-performing post, and top-performing posts can stay in those top placements for months. It means if somebody’s looking for that specific hashtag, they go to that search result, and you’re one of the first ones. If you are not the first one, they see in that top-performing hashtag tab.

What happens when they see that?  click on your content. They’re now on your profile and follow you because they realize that you’re relevant to them. You have a product or a service that is valuable to them.

So now you know what hashtags you’re gonna use and how many you’re gonna use. But it’s entirely possible that you may not rank for hashtags, and sometimes that’s because your content just isn’t that good. Maybe it’s not performing well with your followers, and if it’s not performing well with your followers,

Why would they show it to non-followers?

Maybe it’s something that is in a very saturated environment, where it’s just not a good time to show up in those specific hashtag results. Don’t base it all off of one post. You wanna go in and look at multiple posts and see how your hashtags are performing for each of those posts.

We talked a lot about the hashtags, So this was a deep-dive into hashtag strategies exclusively for the Instagram feed.

Here’s a brief description of the points I covered above

  • Create a nice post that’s worth sharing
  • Use 15 to 20 hashtags as a minimum. You can use all 30 if you want
  • Select 4 to 5 the most popular hashtags up to million posts
  • Always Select 4 to 5 hashtags that are moderately popular u
  • you can Select 4 to 5 hashtags that are your niche-specific

And if there’s anything about Instagram that you want to know more about, just drop in the comments below, and follow us on Instagram Here

How to use Hashtags on Facebook for getting more engagement:

Now, how about hashtags on Facebook andhow to use hashtags for getting more engagement?

So, Facebook hashtags work in a different way than they do on Instagram and Twitter.

This is because Facebook itself is much more focused on people — including those with private profiles. Most people — they don’t really use hashtags on Facebook unless it’s to express some kind of emotion, like

“I’ve been trying to repair my phone for the past 20 minutes. No luck. #Frustrated”

And they don’t really SEARCH for hashtags there either.

how to use hashtags on facebook

Facebook is where you go to look for people or friends — and sometimes groups or brands that you like. But that doesn’t mean that hashtags don’t have a place on Facebook.

Use of hashtags in business:

On the contrary, this means that hashtags on Facebook have a much more specific use, especially in business.

So, a lot of brands — they actually forego using any Facebook hashtags, since — as I mentioned, people don’t really use them to discover content or join in on conversations. But all these changes when brands want to connect a series of Facebook posts. In this case, Facebook hashtags become super helpful.

Beauty Brand lpsy:

Beauty brand Ipsy is a really good example of this.

They created a series of short videos on Facebook, where they tested different products that could be found in their beauty subscription service. Even though each video featured a different product, that could range from foot peels to eyeliner tape, they were all connected by the hashtag #CrashTestBeauties.

Facebook hashtags

So, anybody who watched one of their videos could just click on the hashtag, and be taken to what is essentially a playlist of all the videos in that series, helping viewers discover even more Facebook content from Ipsy.

I imagine that this would also work really well for fitness brands — just invent your own hashtag like #GetFitWithArnold (or something more clever) — and create content that shows people the best exercises for different muscle groups, and then connect it all with your hashtag to show them workouts for total body fitness.

But the number one tip that I have for you guys today, is that if you use hashtags for business on ANY platform — remember to track them.

See how many times they’re used?

 WHERE they’re use?

 WHEN they’re used?

WHO is using them?

And we have time for you — if you have any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments section — or just let me know what else you want to learn about.

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How to use Hashtags on Pinterest

Now hashtags are very popular on a lot of different social channels they started use of hashtags on Twitter and now they’ve really taken over Instagram and now people are asking well should I use hashtags on Pinterest?

A couple of years ago hashtags were a bad idea on Pinterest. It was considered a search engine and you need SEO to rank on Pinterest.

You shouldn’t have used them there was a rumor that they could hurt your ability to have your content shown and they really served no purpose there was no way to discover content using hashtags but within the last two year Pinterest actually made hashtags searchable.

hashtag on Pinterest

So now hashtags yes are a great idea to use on Pinterest but I don’t want you to just start using hashtags willy-nilly and randomly… you need to be very strategic about the hashtags that you use now on Instagram people get really fun and cute with their hashtags they’ll say things like hashtag love or hashtag living the dream hashtag science just kind of a lot of times ridiculous stuff right well.

Example of Pinterest:

On Pinterest, hashtags are very strategic and they really involve keywords more than just cute phrases let me show you an example of this over on Pinterest


I showed you an example of a pin from Turomo Tec to show you how we use keywords in the pin descriptions and also used hashtags and you can see here six hashtags they are this darker blue colour because they are clickable.

So that’s a one really great piece about hashtags on Pinterest so if you find this pin from Turomo Tec and you like this content well and you want SEO tips or Blogging if you click on that well now it’s gonna bring up more content that is specifically related to that hashtag SEO tips

Pinterest seotips

They’re using very strategic hashtag SEOTips is a really strong keyword and so you should add that hashtag the keywords that people are searching for.

Branded Hashtag for getting more engagement:

I’m also using a branded hashtag so branded hashtags are a great idea because when someone clicks on this if they see a pin of my content.

And they like it they want to see more from me, they can click on that branded hashtag and it will take them to that feed of content that uses hashtag Turomo Tec within it and they can scroll through and see all the pieces of content all of my pins

turomo tec Pinterest

If you want people to really want to go down that rabbit hole of your content, they can.

So it’s a great idea to use your own branded hashtag as well as a few other keywords related hashtags for getting more engagements.

Here’s a brief description of the points I covered above

  • Use hashtags within your pins
  • Don’t use fun or cute hashtags, be strategic
  • Use a branded hashtag
  • And Use hashtags that are relevant to the keywords that you want your content to rank for
  • Use a maximum of 8 hashtags in your pin description

If you need some additional support on how to conduct keyword research on the Pinterest comment down below and let me know if you found this article helpful. Do u want to  create high quality backlinks from Wikipedia??/ visit.

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